Jeremie is proud to share some of his professional accomplishments over the years:


Apple, Inc. (Senior Manager: Oct 2010 - June 2012)

  • Lead the historic achievement of $145 million in revenue over the course of one year. (Up 32% from the previous year)
  • Achieved the Apple Ovation Award for being in the top three of all retail stores by delivering exceptional customer service, while overseeing a Apple product launch.
  • Awarded RSUs for being recognized as one of the highest performing leaders, while overseeing 256 employees and 10 business departments.

Jeremie is an exceptional and inspiring Sr. Manager within Apple with a great ability to motivate people to exceed their personal goals.

Market Director

Apple Retail


H&R Block Inc. (Regional Leader: July 2006-Sept 2010)

  • Top performing region in all key categories for Tax Season 2008, 2009 and 2010 while rated as having the most inspired and client-centric culture of engaged leaders.
  • Ranked #1 in elevating the performance of leaders as evident by all 16 direct reports exceeding company behavioral and performance expectations.
  • Recognized as one of the highest performing leaders in the entire Division with over 21.5 million dollars in annual revenue for 2009 (Up 8.3% versus prior year net earnings).
  • Coached and developed 2 District Sales Managers which lead to 2 promotions.
  • Conducted cross-functional training in 4 regions within 2 different markets which resulted in an increase of over $968,000.00 in revenue and a 15% improvement in overall business results for the division.
  • Reduced over $989K in labor expenses over the span of 3 years by developing salaried-based compensation structures which are now implemented company wide.
  • Appointed to the first Leadership Council which consisted of high performing leaders for developing business strategies and solutions for national implementation.
  • Lead the development of a District Manager and Office Manager On boarding program which was deployed Company wide and received the highest field recognition in 2007.
  • Created the District Manager “Welcome Card” as part of the client’s First Impression which resulted in a 55% reduction in client walk-outs and 95% overall client satisfaction score. This was also deployed Company Wide.
  • Implemented an internal mission statement while on the Leadership Council which was deployed nationally for Tax Season 2009.

Jeremie is one of the best Regional Directors within our organization with a great ability to expand our market presence and drive exceptional results in various categories.

Vice President

Southeastern Division of H&R Block Inc.


US Cellular - ABS. Common Inc. (Director of Sales: Aug 2002 - July 2006)

  • Received the highest company award (Coach Award) for dynamic leadership based upon the Dynamic Organization Model®.
  • Successfully launched a new market which exceeded financial projections by $1.2 million dollars during the first year.
  • Ranked #1 in the Company for retail gross additions for three consecutive years.
  • Acquired the highest increase in wireless data revenue by 38% to $575K representing a 28% increase over the prior year. #1 in the Company 2003.
  • Obtained the highest client satisfaction scores in the company across all channels for 2002, 2004 and 2005.
  • Successfully coached and mentored three Area Sales Managers which resulted in their promotions. Their subsequent performance results ranked in the top 5 out 103 territories.

Jeremie is a very energetic, passionate and results-driven leader that thrives on the consistent development of his team.

Chief Executive Officer

US Cellular Inc. - ABS Comm. Inc