Jeremie SaintVil is not afraid to dream big. As the founder of VERB, he has the drive and the business savvy to bring his dreams into reality.



Born and raised in Miami Beach, Florida, Jeremie SaintVil has always taken a creative and artistic approach to life. He graduated from Design & Architecture Sr. High School located in the Miami Design District, where he contributed to art displays throughout Downtown Miami. He also loved philosophy, debating and theology, and he balanced his academic interests with his love of sports like basketball and football. Throughout his early education, Jeremie SaintVil had a particular fondness for bettering himself and those around him. He loved learning and pushing himself to grasp new and exciting concepts. Jeremie credits this mindset for his entrepreneurial spirit.

Jeremie attended Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he began to hone his skills in effective leadership. He founded and was Chairman of The Multicultural Committee, which awarded over one million dollars in scholarships to students of all cultures. He also became the President of the American Marketing Association to help place graduates in promising careers worldwide. Both of these roles helped Jeremie SaintVil grow personally and professionally, developing the skills and traits he still utilizes today as CEO of VERB. Without his strong background and passion for success, SaintVil likely wouldn’t be where he is today.

After taking classes at Oral Roberts, Jeremie SaintVil hit the ground running, ready to apply his leadership skills to the professional world. He found his outlet as the Director of Sales at US Cellular – ABS Comm. Inc., where he managed the wireless sales and operations of 68 retail store locations in three different markets. He also launched a new market which exceeded financial projections by $1.2 million dollars during the first year. This was one of Jeremie’s “aha” moments that would later inspire his creation of VERB: in any industry sector, there was bound to be a market left untapped. How could he scope it out, and how could he make his way into it?

After two more highly successful roles at H&R Block and Apple, in which he was repeatedly recognized as one of the highest-performing leaders, Jeremie found the answer to the question that he’d pondered back at US Cellular. The biggest untapped market was the millennial market share, who will inherit the greatest wealth transfer in human history — and if he handled it right, he could create a fintech app to finally reach them.

Now Jeremie is focusing all of his energy on VERB, the mobile application that will revolutionize the financial trading industry. Launching in early 2017, VERB is tackling the industry in ways that actually make sense to millennials. Forget the outdated business models of the past, and forget the much-too-common fear of taking the plunge into the stock market at all. VERB takes a distinctly modern approach to make financial trading not only understandable, but appealing. From gamification of the stock market to short-and-sweet tutorial videos to easy social media engagement, VERB is challenging the disconnect that’s existed for far too long between millennials and their own finances. SaintVil and his partners at VERB believe that this will be the app that defines the investing sector for this niche–VERB will, quite literally, redefine what it means to be an investor. Never one for keeping the status-quo, Jeremie SaintVil is prepared to disrupt the fintech industry by encouraging the public to get educated on the subject of investing. The play-learn-socialize-earn model of VERB that Jeremie helped to create is only the beginning of the digital investing disruption.

Jeremie SaintVil believes in the power of disruptive ideas. Through VERB (and its partnerships with some of the coolest brands across industries), he is ready to change the status quo.